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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Village of McLean Village Board met June 3

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Aug 6, 2019

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Village of McLean Village Board met June 3.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

President Hammel called the regular meeting of the board to order at 7:00pm. ROLL CALL-Webster, Johnson, Hendrickson, Shifflet, Billington and VanDyke. Also present, Treasurer Karen Williams, Chief Chris Lane, Greg Rutherford and Attorney Mark McGrath. Visitors: Virgil Isringhausen, Candie Rogers, Amy Adair, Jeani Lane, Tom Ludlam, Jane Price Jeff Hake and Alex Harris.

The Village Clerk swore in Teri Johnson as board member.

Motion by Hendrickson 2nd VanDyke to approve minutes of the May board meeting as amended. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion by VanDyke 2nd Johnson to accept bills as presented. 

ROLL CALL-Johnson, Hendrickson, Shifflet, Billington, VanDyke and Webster. All ayes, motion carried.

PUBLIC INPUT; Jeff Hake with C.O.R.E. of Mclean spoke about ways to spruce up around the old water tower and to possibly help with refurbishing the Pavilion and having some grills there. Some suggestions were to have a Community Garden, plant some Fruit trees etc. Hammel stated that the Village has no plans right now to demolish the old water tower. Amy Adair asked it there was not a plan to take it down but Hammel stated not at this time. There had been someone interested but found out it could cost quite a lot to take down. Candie Rogers asked about the paint. Adair also asked about having the area around it upgraded but the tower could still be an eyesore. VanDyke would be interested in going to some of the CORE meetings on the 2nd Tues of each month. Adair also asked about the Pump House property. Hammel stated that all codes will have to be met and as of right now there have been no plans submitted. Still doing a title search. Adair asked if it couldn't be a bus stop for the children but it was stated that Olympia determines where there are stops. She also asked if a pole barn/metal barn can be lived in and if there are apartments where would they park. Hammel stated that all this will be taken in consideration and Attorney McGrath stated that if there is a 2nd floor it has to comply with state codes.

Chief Lane gave each board member the monthly police report. He also stated that he had received a $4000.00 Grant which will be used for the radios. He stated that he hired Chris Chambers as a part time police officer. Lane spoke with Brandon Lacey about the GEN 911and stated there may be only a few changes and will possibly go live January 2020. The new squad is not in production yet. Letters have been sent out for unlicensed vehicles. Lane also spoke with Mrs. Ludy and they know that they have to move the trusses. He will follow up on this. VanDyke asked about the parking in the front yard. Sunshine Daycare will be visiting the Police Department on Wed. June 12,2019. It was stated that everything must be gone at 301 N. Clinton ASAP.

PUBLIC WORKS: Rutherford stated there are 4-5 trees that need to be taken down. He had contacted Fryman but is busy right now. The rest of the big tree in the park will be taken down. He also suggested that to get some trees to replace the ones that were damaged in the storm. Also, because of the weather the sidewalks have been delayed. The Pad at the Depot is ready for signs.

No Arsenic Report.

DEPOT PHASED PLAN: Still nothing on the curb cut.

VILLAGE CODE: Attorney McGrath stated to stop paying American Legal and we do not have a Copyright law. We can take the CD and do updates as needed. 50-60 % has been added. He will have a letter to all this and the proposed cost at next months meeting

CUSTOMER PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR UTILITY BILLS: Proposal from CUSI. VanDyke is in favor as long as we absorb the cost. Possible $.75 per transaction(Debit or Credit). This will be tabled.

RESOLUTION TO DECLARE WELL PUMP HOUSE AT E. CARLISLE SURPLUS PROPERTY: still waiting on title search. Candie Rogers asked about the lot and street flooding after a hard rain.

DANGEROUS BUILDINGS AND SPECIFIC ADDRESSES: Mr. Isringhausen stated he has had some medical issues but will get the trusses gone and would like 2-4 weeks to get it cleaned up. Behr may send a dumpster to get rid of the steel/metal. Should have the back of building torn down and cleaned up by July9, 2019. He also stated that there are no rodents in his building.


ZONING CHANGES FOR FENCE SET BACKS: Will keep on agenda and have Rutherford some back with some suggestions.

EMPLOYEE SAFETY TRAINING: Williams will check with IMRF if they have training on this.

Motion by Van Dyke 2nd Billington to adopt Ordinance #19-06-03 “Appropriation Ordinance FY20”. ROLL CALL-Hendrickson, Shifflet, Billington, VanDyke Webster and Johnson. All ayes, motion carried,

HIGH SPEED RAIL: upgrading as new rails go in.

Motion by VanDyke 2nd Johnson to adopt Ordinance #19-06-03A "Prevailing Wage”. ROLL CALL-Shifflet, Billington, VanDyke. Webster, Johnson and Hendrickson. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion by Billington 2nd Shifflet to accept the proposal for $38,000 for the new Ford F350 with snow plow and strobe lights. ROLL CALL-Billington, Van Dyke, Webster, Johnson, Hendrickson and Shifflet. All ayes, motion carried, 

Discussion on hiring a TIF Economic Development Coordinator. Will table this until next month.

Motion by VanDyke 2nd Hendrickson to approve a maximum of $2200.00 for Katie Funk to continue set-up and finish in the next 2 months and then no more than $5000.00 for the next year. ROLL CALL-VanDyke, Webster, Johnson, Hendrickson, Shifflet and Billington. All ayes, motion carried.

NEW WATER TOWER: paint is coming off the inside of the tower. Shive-Hattery has been contacted and a paint representative came and took pictures and sent to lab to see if it was dirt etc. Nothing has been damaged inside dry area. Would like for it to be repainted.

Will continue to pick up brush.

Discussion on customer payment. Would be around $4500.00 to put in the modules, software and web site solutions and then around $1500.00 per year. Cost of transactions would be 2 12% of utility bill. Would the village absorb the cost or will customer. There is no contract. VanDyke asked if there would be enough customers to use it and would we get any return on this. This will be put on the July agenda.

ABANDONED PUMP HOUSE: the appraisal came in at $2000.00 and can sell it for 80% of the appraisal. McGrath will have a resolution and contract at July meeting.

Motion by Hendrickson 2nd Johnson to accept the grant request for $2500.00 for the 4th of July Celebration. ROLL CALL-Webster, Johnson, Hendrickson, Shifflet, Billington and VanDyke. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion by VanDyke 2nd Billington to accept the MFT bid from McLean County Asphalt in the amount of $12,696.00. ROLL CALL-Johnson, Hendrickson, Shifflet, Billington, VanDyke and Webster. All ayes, motion carried.

Motion by VanDyke 2nd Webster to adjourn meeting. All ayes, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm.

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